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Ernst comes from a photographic background the transition into video came naturally as the years progressed. Fast becoming a name directing, and producing anything from Short Films, TV commercials and virals hits  as well as shooting fashion stories on the side and jointly running international Fashion label Lalesso. And for those that don’t know him – he likes to party a bit too.

Rare Photo of Ernst Heusser“The greatest benefit to any project is that there is one person to do everything, as the director you decide what to shoot and shoot to edit, leading to a real symbiosis between the shoot and the final result.”

With a strong grasp of composition and light he quickly learnt to compose and edit visually stimulating and enjoyable videos. Starting off with making behind the scenes videos on shoots he was working on he has gone on to more documentary and fashion videos. It is evident in his work that he enjoys what he does, because he enjoys his camera and the people he works with. Since then he has shot for established brands such as Woolworths, Merchants on long, Lalesso, Galeries Lafayette, Puma, Mothercare, Beuninger,Karstadt, Watch My Job, Okapi, 5ForChange, ABSA, to name a few. Look out for 2015 as he has some very exciting projects in the pipeline.


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Cell: +27 (0) 76 247 4567

email: info@ernstheusser.com

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